Umberto Grandi

Logic & Computation

Week One - 17.00-18.30 - Level: A

Room: N1


Collective decision-making problems arise when a set of individual agents need to make a choice over a set of common alternatives. A central problem in the study of these situations is that of aggregating individual expressions, such as preferences, judgments and beliefs, into a collective view, to obtain a summary of the individual views provided. Several frameworks have been developed to study this problem, by both the community of Social Choice Theory and that of Artificial Intelligence. Logic provides a natural tool to model individual expressions and their rationality: the aim of this course is to identify what role logic can play in such settings by providing a detailed overview of current research in logical frameworks for the study of multiagent aggregation. Through the week we will explore aggregation frameworks under several aspects, learning different proof techniques from recent research papers.

The course will be taught at the blackboard. Lecture notes will be available on the course webpage.

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