Michael Benedikt & Balder Ten Cate

Logic & Computation

Week Two - 9.00-10.30 - Level: I


Dependencies are a standard language for specifying integrity constraints on data. Since the early years of databases, they have played a central role in schema design. In the last decade, the study and the use of dependencies has taken a very different turn. We have seen the development of new applications of dependencies, e.g., for data integration and data exchange, semantic query optimization, and ontology-based data access; the emergence of more expressive classes of dependencies driven by these new applications, and a more comprehensive understanding of the computational properties of dependencies. In this course we will paint the modern landscape of dependency theory.

We will give an overview of important database subfields that actively make use of schema information in the form of dependencies; a ``geography'' of classes of dependencies with good computational properties; and fundamental computational problems and techniques in the area.