Workshops of Week I

Workshops of Week II

  • SLaNG: Sociolinguistics and Network Games (Note: SLaNG is part of the Workshop "Information Dynamics in Artificial Societies")
    • Organizer: Roland Mühlenbernd
    • Field: Language & Computation
    • Extended Submission Deadline: March 31st
  • Models in Formal Semantics and Pragmatics
    • Organizers: Magdalena Kaufmann & Stefan Kaufmann
    • Field: Language & Logic
    • Submission Deadline: March 8th
  • Information Dynamics in Artificial Societies
    • Organizers: Laurent Perrussel & Emiliano Lorini
    • Field: Logic & Computation
    • Submission Deadline: April 30th

Note: all workshops are held in the last slot (17.00 - 18.30)